Getting Involved

The most important way to support the foothill dance community is to come to dances regularly. But there are also ways to get more involved.


The foothill dance community depends on volunteers. You can lend a hand in several ways:

  • Be the alternate dance manager for the Nevada City dance. This involves setting up the table at the door, setting out flyers, and being responsible for clean up and closing the hall. This would only need to be done periodically, when the regular dance manager is unavailable. The dance manager gets a complementary admission to the dance for that night.
  • Sit in on board meetings. The FCD board is full at this moment, but members at large are welcome to attend meetings and take part in discussions of policies and in the planning of future events.
  • Help with various dance tasks. At every dance we need people to sit at the door, help sell drinks and goodies, and clean up after the dance.


FCD membership is $10 per year and is valid for the calendar year. If you join after July 1, the fee is discounted to $6. As an FCD member, you get a $1 discount on admission to FCD-sponsored dances (and other dance organizations will generally give you a discount as well, because FCD is a CDSS affiliate). In addition, you can feel good about helping support the organization financially.
| Download the membership form (reguires Adobe Acrobat) |


Tell your friends about contra dancing! Encourage them to come to a dance and give it a try. Tell them the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, that anyone can learn the basics quickly and have fun the very first time, that they can meet new people and get good exercise.


FCD needs to save for a new sound system for the Auburn Hall. Increases in hall rental fees, insurance, etc. make this difficult. If you can step forward with a donation for the sound system fund, you will be accorded the status of saint.