Local Bands and Callers

Joyce Miller

After dancing for seven years or so, I started learning to call in early 1999 with the encouragement of my mentor, Eric Curl. I am fortunate to call regularly in Sacramento and the Foothills and sometimes in the North Bay, Reno, and Chico. I know what I like in a caller and try to embody those skills, thanks to the groundwork laid by the callers, musicians, and dancers who have built this tradition. I love dances that have an intuitive flow, and enjoy the challenge of concise teaching. I'm a member of the Foothill Country Dancers board, where my particular interest is retaining more and younger dancers.

Bob O'Brien

[bio and photo to come]  

Hot Cider

Hot Cider is made up of Rudy Darling on fiddle, Barry Angell on mandolin, and Ken Nilsson on guitar.

Hot Cider

Star Thistle

Star Thistle is Lonna Whipple on fiddle, Chetani Cheryl McKinney on keyboard, Dave Kistler on a variety of instruments, and David Wright on fiddle.